The Journey

Why is it brown??

I founded Nyanga's Mae Nature in 2015 inspired by my late Grandmother. She taught me how to make coconut oil, the same way her Grandmother taught her. Over the years I have worked with many different types of coconuts thus giving me in depth knowledge in this area, making me an expert In coconut oil. From a small kitchen where orders were far and few between, I have built many relationships and partnered with different brands which has expanded my brand into different territories for you to enjoy the BCO experience.

You may wonder like others, why is it brown?.......... only if I had a pound for every time this was ask.....its brown because i use a simple traditional processing method by hand that allows the coconut oil to retain it's natural colour. You can be sure that your Brown Coconut Oil is in good hands and you will enjoy the smooth, soft consistency that melts in your hands instantly. Many customers over the years have said they adore the natural aroma of Brown Coconut Oil, this is one of the reasons why i receive repeat business from the majority of the BCO family.

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